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Welcome to APG, LLC

We are an Income, Retirement, and Estate Planning Service and would love to show you how to protect and preserve your money in today’s economy.

Life happens and you need to know your money will be there for those times. Putting your money in the stock market may give you large gains; however you may end up with large losses as well. We can show you how you can eliminate stock market losses, while enjoying stock market gains without losing those gains.

We can show you how you can hold onto the money you have, protecting it from a nursing home.



Members of the National Ethics Association

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APG Business Philosophy

Our utmost priorities are to offer an effective way for our clients to obtain quality income, retirement and estate planning, and to improve the way they plan for the future.

The APG Advantage

We can inform you about the following: New Federal Law changes regarding how to move all of your 401k, 403b's, 457's, Federal Thrift Savings Plans, or other retirement plans, while still employed, and continue to contribute to them. Other advantages we help our clients with are Income planning, Family Bank IRA Planning and showing them how to protect their assets from a nursing home, eliminating stock market losses, IRA Inheritance Trust, and 100% safe money solutions.

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