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About Us

Asset Preservation Group, LLC

Asset Preservation Group, LLC started its journey helping retirees safely secure their money in the fall of 2001. Their goal has always been to do what is best for their clients. They keep in mind that the money entrusted to them belongs to their clients and that their job is to help find the best place to not only secure it, but to help it grow as well.


Patrick J. Steinke

For over 27 years Mr. Steinke has used a down-to-earth, low-keyed approach in helping those who are retired and those close to retirement choose the right steps needed to achieve their financial goals. Because he knows how important it is to make the right choices, he makes sure what he presents to a client will not only protect their financial future, but will be there for the client's loved ones as well.

Planning challenges: Pat’s priority is to offer an effective way for his clients to obtain quality income, retirement and estate planning, and to improve the way they plan for their future. Also, many families are struggling with the financial burden of nursing home expenses. He dedicates himself to providing solutions for these families who face this financial burden, resulting in peace of mind built on trust. Pat realizes there are many national firms competing for your attention and he wants to make sure people know that Asset Preservation Group, LLC will provide you with what is most important to you - keeping your best interests uppermost in their minds.


Ronald D. Scherer

For over 25 years Mr. Scherer has helped people near retirement or retired handle many of their important retirement and estate planning decisions. With his background in Engineering, Ron's approach to helping you and your family achieve your financial goals is through a very detailed and precise way. He is able to explain the confusing world of Retirement and Estate Planning in a way everyone can understand.

The Importance of Knowledgeable Retirement and Estate Planning Could Be Demonstrated and Felt for Generations.

Setting and achieving goals: Retiring comfortably should be our ultimate goal. It is a goal that is set by many of us. However, it is not a goal we all achieve. When we select options that will allow us to maintain our lifestyle during our retirement, we want these options to meet our individualized needs. We want balance. Many questions arise: How do I balance my options? How do I manage my money so it will grow and allow me to reach my goals? These are simple words, and a straightforward thought but, for many people, a dream that never becomes a reality. We know that informed clients take the necessary actions to achieve their goals. Asset Preservation Group, LLC will help you to achieve those goals.


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